Introduction to IPLI

IPLI is a two-year institute designed to address the professional needs of active Indiana principals with an emphasis on student success. The institute works with principals to increase their leadership capacity and to address the current needs of their school such as teacher evaluation models, student performance, community involvement, and shaping strong school culture.

Approximately 50 – 60 principal participants comprise each annual institute cohort. Focus cohorts of 4-5 participants are developed from the larger group to be guided by mentors who have demonstrated successful school leadership and have participated in an IPLI cohort previously.  Each mentor is selected with the assistance of the Indiana Association of School Principals.

Near the mid-point of the first year, discussions drift from personal leadership capacity toward building-level dynamics. While the focus is never completely away from the individual principal, the interaction of personal and organizational capacities and goals are addressed. A Personal Improvement Action Research project and a School Improvement Action Research project is developed and continually revised throughout the two-year institute.

Participants are awarded PGP points for license renewal and have the opportunity to apply for graduate-level credits through the institute. IPLI is a premier professional development opportunity for practicing principals throughout the state of Indiana.  In 2021, over 500 principals will have completed this two-year opportunity to grow their leadership.

Cohort 11 applications are open and will close on march 15th, 2023.

IPLI 2022 Handbook

IPLI Impact Statements and Annual Reports

Cohort 11 Brochure