Safe and Collaborative Culture (HRS Level 1)


Smoothly Riding the waves of change to create a sense of community in the building – Patricia Meadows

Freshman Transition Program – Jay Strickland

Common Language

Haverhill Beliefs – Ashley Ransom

District-Wide Training & A Reduction of Major Incidents – Brian Burelison

Positive Behavior Management and Its Impact on the Classroom – Christine Lawbaugh

Making Common Language Common – Arveneda McDonald


Lean on me… – Kellie Pearson

Family Matters – Le Terra Smith

Improving the PLC: Enjoying the Process – Tamara Swarens


Integration of EL students into our school culture and local community through non-traditional classroom support – J.R. Haskins


Recognizing Teachers – Joni Lawyer

Celebrating Success – Tierney Stevenson

Improving Culture through Recognition – Michael Nehring


Building the Miner Culture – Alicia Cornelius

Count Me Out…No, Count Me In! – Marisa Simmons