Amy Linkel

Mrs. Amy Linkel began her career in education in 1999 at South Ripley Elementary School.  She taught fifth grade and high ability students. In 2006, she joined the administration team as the assistant principal.  As assistant principal, she was not only in charge of student discipline, but was also curriculum coordinator. In addition, she served as Title I, high ability, and school testing coordinator.  In 2015, she was named principal at SRES.

Mrs. Linkel’s education credentials include her Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Indiana University, as well as her Master’s degree in education, from Indiana Wesleyan.  She has also earned an administrative degree in K-12 education. In 2012, Mrs. Linkel was named IASP District 10 Assistant Principal of the Year.

In addition to being principal, Mrs. Linkel currently serves as a mentor for principals with the Indiana Principal Leadership Institute. She devotes time to mentoring other principals, to provide them with skills and tools to increase their personal leadership capacities.  She has presented with Dr. Nancy Fichtman Dana and has worked with Jessica Johnson. She was recently asked to serve on the design team of IPLI as well. This team of six leaders, will help develop and design the IPLI program to help principals increase their learning capacity to shape their entire school.

As the current proud principal of SRES, Mrs. Linkel enjoys continuing to teach students and staff.  She also loves learning and sometimes refers to herself as the “Lead Learner” of the school, as she wants to continue learning with her students and staff too.  She attends numerous professional development sessions and uses the “train-the-trainer” model in her school. She enjoys modeling how to use technology and best practice in the classroom.  She believes in building a relationship, connection, and trust with students.  She believes that all students can learn, given a positive learning environment, knowledgeable and passionate leadership, and a supportive community and  family.

Mrs. Linkel puts students first in her everyday thinking and always makes decisions based on what is best for students. Mrs. Linkel has adopted the C.L.A.S.S. philosophy of “Do the Right Thing. Treat People Right.”  She leads by example, with this motto daily. Mrs. Linkel and her husband Scott have two children, Brady and Brionna. They are the light of their lives.