Dr. Ryan Donlan

Dr. Donlan is a faculty member at Indiana State University’s Department of Educational Leadership. He has served for twenty years in K-12 education, serving most of that time as a Superintendent, as well as a school-building leader for at-risk students. He is a public speaker and visionary for the future of public education, serving in years past as Michigan’s Past Chairperson for High School Redesign for the Michigan Department of Education where he represented the Department at statewide and national functions.  Dr. Donlan, once a frequent skydiver, today enjoys more conservative, contemporary pursuits, such as cooking, reading, and camping, and he has written and published a book on classroom teaching. He is currently publishing his second book, a collaboratively-written parable on the principalship. You can follow Dr. Donlan on Twitter at www.twitter/ryandonlan, or on the Indiana State University’s on-line “Ed. Leadershop,” where he offers thoughtful commentary each week to school leaders at www.k12edleadershipatISU.blogspot.com.

Dr. Donlan Vitae