From the Inside Out

By Amy Linkel, IPLI Mentor, Director of Learning K-12 at Switzerland County School Corporation

It’s that time of year, when preparations for the next school year have already begun. In
the midst of planning, looking ahead, and actions to transform learning for your students, do you
wonder if the time is right? Is it the right time for a staffing change? Is the time right to adapt
and revise your curriculum? Or even, is it the right time for you to consider a different position,
accept a promotion, or to make a career change?
As we see job openings all around us, you may wonder if you are in the right “place”.
Ultimately though, your desire to change paths must come from you, from the inside out. All of
the emotions may be flooding you too. You might be asking yourself, “Am I good enough? Am I
ready for this? Do I really want to leave this? Can I do this?” Personally, I have experienced all
of those feelings (and then some) and have thought those exact same thoughts. It’s part of my
journey. My story.
Know that with any position change there will be ups and downs, goods and bads, and
even a time or two that you ask yourself if you’ve done the right thing. But, hang in there. It,
too, will become part of your journey. Your story.
If you are considering a position or even career change, set your priorities and honor
your values. Know what you want in this new position. Know what is being offered and what
you have to offer others. Also, are you yearning to do something different? If so, is it coming
from you, from the inside out? Follow your passion and pursue the job you want. Your work
should be fulfilling for you.
I’m not going to lie, this position or career change may not be simple. It might involve an
overwhelming amount of stress, unpredictable emotions, and maybe even letting go of
something you once loved so much. Digging deep you will find the courage needed to take the
next step forward. There will be new relationships to build, new expectations to meet,
reputations to live up to, as well as your desire to do well. Above all, are you ready for this
challenge? Is it burning within you from the inside out?
At times like this, I often think of the quote, “If you cannot quit thinking about it, don’t stop
working for it.” If your current situation finds you wondering daily, what it might be like to change
roles, then pursue your dream. Have courage.
I wish you nothing but the best of luck as you are planning for next school year. If you
find yourself wondering if it is the right time for a change for you, dig deep inside to see if it will
provide you the balance you so want and need in your life. And once you’ve dug deep and
determined that decision, start leading from the inside out.