Gratitude and Growth: Our Journey

By Leigh Barnes, IPLI Mentor, Union Township School Corporation

On the path to building leadership capacity, I’ve delved into the concept of ‘compassionate accountability.’ Looking back on this journey, I’m deeply grateful for the support, learning, and guidance I’ve gained through IPLI. This past year, I was first introduced to the work of Nate Regier. By exploring his research further, I discovered the power of compassionate accountability in leadership.

Nate Regier’s work has supported and provided a clear roadmap to compassionate accountability, a concept that can change how we interact and communicate within our teams. Through this growth, I have further embraced a compassionate mindset while upholding accountability for one another. It all begins with recognizing the value of each team member, appreciating their unique strengths, and fostering a shared sense of responsibility.

I am thankful for this learning journey, as intentionally integrating these principles into daily interactions has strengthened my relationships and our collective commitment to growth. I have found that a compassionate approach fosters a culture of trust, understanding, and collaboration, ultimately making our work environment more enjoyable and productive. As an individual, a professional, and a leader, my aim is to embody compassion so that in our district, we create an environment that thrives on compassionate accountability for both staff and students.

In November, consider expressing gratitude for your journey. I encourage you to reflect on the gratitude you feel for your personal growth by asking yourself two key questions: Who or what can you express gratitude to for contributing to your development as a leader, and as a result, how have you seen your leadership capacity expand over the past year?