By David Robertson, IPLI Mentor-Cohorts 3,5,&7 & CAO for Warsaw Community Schools

Every team I’ve ever played on has been undefeated.  You heard me right.  Every single sports team I was ever on was undefeated …for a while.

Most teams I played on only stayed undefeated for a game or two before losing our first game.  A few teams I played on stayed undefeated for about half the season.  One team I played on was undefeated all season until we finally lost in the league championship.

My point is, every team starts the season undefeated, and:

  • Undefeated teams are confident. 
  • Undefeated teams are hopeful. 
  • Undefeated teams have a clear vision for where they want to go.
  • Undefeated teams are positive. 
  • Undefeated teams typically get along well. 
  • Undefeated teams have a sense of collective efficacy–they believe they have what it takes to win.

Every school starts the year undefeatedAnd just like those undefeated teams, undefeated schools are typically

  • Confident,
  • Hopeful,
  • Visionary,
  • Positive, and
  • Collectively efficacious.

School leaders must find a way to capitalize when their schools are undefeated.  Leaders must find ways to build on the positive enthusiasm found at the beginning of the year.  When a team is undefeated, they’re not just concerned about surviving, they’re focused on greatness.  The same is true for schools.  It’s why Todd Whitaker points out that the first staff meeting of the year is the most important meeting.

You’re undefeated!  The focus isn’t survival, it’s greatness.

So as we start this school year undefeated, let’s all be reminded of the unique gift we have of being an undefeated team!