Effective Teaching (HRS Level 2)


Lasting Impacts Through Targeted Responding to Reading Instruction – Kristin Rodman

Deeper Data Digs – Katie Pieta

School Improvement Goals and the Impact on Student Achievement – Nicholas Petralia

Instructional Framework

Interactive Instructional Framework to Ignite Lifelong Learning – Michael F. Megyesi

Developing a School-Wide Model of Instruction – Elizabeth Krutz

Survey Says: Instructional Clarity – Kelly Plank

The Lions Playbook – Ashlee Tanoos and Linda Biggs

Creating an Instructional Model that Reflects BGM Educational Values (utilizing The New Art and Science of Teaching framework, Marzano, 2021) – Jodi Day

An Instructional Framework for Elementary Reading – Karen Perkins

Identifying and Understanding the 43 Indicators – Daniel (Chris) York

GIS Instructional Model – Devon Marine

Instructional Model

Learning for All, All for Learning – Meg Welch

Measuring the Impact of a Schoolwide Instructional Model on Consistent Use of Best Practices – Mark Shadiow

Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds to Increase Teacher Self-Efficacy – Joe Sheffer

Increasing Student Engagement Using Love & Logic and Instructional Rounds – Jenna Blech

Building Teacher Efficacy One Instructional Round at a Time – Alan Walczak

Using Instructional Rounds in an Elementary School – Michelle Coughlin

Instructional Strategies

The Impact of Core Instructional Strategies for All Learners – Jenna Morée


Many hands make light work – Increasing leadership and teaching capacity – James Tutin


“How does the implementation of common instructional language improve best teaching practices?” – Scott Widner

Student Achievement Growth through Mid-Year Data PLC Action Plans – Thomas Hakim

Increasing Teacher Efficacy Through Personalized Professional Learning – Dr. Tyneasha Banks

Responsive Instruction

How can defining student centered responsive instruction lead to elevating teacher instruction and student learning at SMES? – Kellee Merritt

Unifying Tier One Instruction – Kim Kesler

Teacher Collaboration

PLC’s to Drive Student Achievement – Stephanie Leasure

Improving Student Growth and Proficiency through Increased Teacher Collaboration – Chaitra Wade

Vertical Alignment

Improving Instruction Through Vertical Alignment – Christina Davis